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Soy Chicken Wings



This soy chicken wing dish is so juicy and succulent.  I crave this savory little indulgence after a good healthy eating regime. The ingredients are very simple but the trick is to get the timing right; the chicken wings to get slightly caramelized yet still retain their juice. Practice is the key to the perfection, but in the end, perfection is only perception; you might not be the best chef, but you can always be your own biggest fan.  So, treat yourself, tuck in and enjoy.

  • Heat a non-stick pan over high heat. Stir in 500g of chicken wings, 3 table spoons of oil, 5-8 slices of ginger, half a cup of rice wine, and half a cup of soy sauce.
  • Turn the chicken wings occasionally. When the sauce dries up and starts to sizzle, stir for 3-5 minutes until the chicken wings are caramelized.
  • Before turning off the heat, add some sesame seeds and chili flakes (optional) and toss around.
  • Serve and enjoy.


  • 将一斤鸡翅,少许油,5-8片姜,半杯料酒,半杯酱油倒入不粘锅。大火翻煮。
  • 收汁后,爆炒3-5分钟。
  • 起锅前加入一些芝麻和辣椒,翻炒片刻即可。





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