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Korean Seafood Pancake


During my time working for a Korean company in Shanghai, I acquired a fondness for their cuisine. The Korean business community was flourishing in the area, and I frequently visited the factories and resided in the Korean staff living quarters. The living arrangements were identical to those in Korea, including the furnishings, floor heating system, and, of course, the food. The aspect of Korean dining culture that fascinated me the most was the abundance of dishes served during each meal, sometimes totaling up to 20 plates per person, and the diverse selection of pickles available.

This recipe offers a quick route to achieving Korean flavors. It utilizes a readily available pancake mix commonly found in Korean supermarkets.

* Mix the pancake powder and water in a large bowl to get the thin pancake batter.
* Cut the spring onions to 2-inch lengths.
* Stir in spring onions, sliced chillis (optional), prawn, and squid to the mix.
* Heat a non-stick frypan over medium heat and coat it with a thin layer of oil.
* Pour the batter into the pan in a thin layer and cook until golden brown on the bottom, Flip and brown the other side.
* Serve and enjoy.

The main ingredient:



* 将韩国海鲜饼粉和水混合成稀糊。
* 放入切好的葱段,辣椒,鱿鱼和虾。
* 在不粘锅煎成两面金黄。



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