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Fusion Tuna Carpaccio


I’ve had Carpaccio made from fish several times at high-end restaurants. It’s a beautifully simple dish that’s sure to impress as either an entree or a side, with invigorating flavors.

* Using a sharp knife, thinly slice the tuna.

* Squeeze over the juice from Lemon and the acidity will start to cook the fish.

* Drizzle with a little oil and half a teaspoon of soy sauce. a pich of sugar to balance the acidity.

* serve with salad. I use sango sprouts, orange,s and capers in this dish(optional)


  • 将吞拿鱼切成薄片,
  • 加入柠檬汁,一点油, 少量酱油和糖,
  • 拌匀后即可食用。


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