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Korean Kimchi Pork belly



Sometimes in life, we get caught up in the madness of the moment. We obsess about what happened, what could have been done differently, until we are emotionally exhausted and have lost perspective on our life. The past is carried to the present and clouds the future.

I often think about the purpose of my life. The moments and stories, no matter how significant they ever were, they are the steps along my journey. What I can do is to proactively create the Now, appreciate my surroundings, a healthy body, delicious food and the time with the people I care about. To accept the past, unlock my potential and be brave to expect the unexpected future. Because the only thing constant is change.

So what is the purpose of your life? Perhaps reward yourself with a delicious dish like this sometimes? 😉

A tasty dish doesn’t have to be difficult to make  but the complex flavors from the kimchi and pork give the impression that it takes hours to prepare. It seems almost too simple to write a recipe, but I compose one for you to follow for the first time.

  • Cook the pork belly and one table spoon of oil over medium heat until some fat has rendered out, and pork is caramelized,
  • Take out the excessive pork oil from the skillet, add kimchi and a pinch of salt, stir fry for two minutes,
  • Add sesame seeds and toast for a minute (optional),
  • sprinkle with scallions and serve.

Tip: Fresher kimchi is usually saltier and the mature one is sourer. The amount of kimchi to add to this dish depends on the taste of  the kimchi. Find your best combination.

韩国泡菜炒五花肉是很简单的一道菜。 感觉很复杂,实际上大部分的调味来自泡菜。

  • 将五花肉煎至出油,
  • 将多余的猪油倒出,放入泡菜,一些盐,中火炒两三分钟至泡菜有干煎的感觉,
  • 在起锅前加入些芝麻,
  • 加葱,盛盘。





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