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The art of food photography is a unique blend of artistic expression and technical skill. The ability to capture the momentary beauty of food and preserve it forever is truly special. And I find it endlessly fascinating.

As with any skill, growth and development come from overcoming failures and setbacks. I’ve found that by constantly pushing myself to try new things and learn from my mistakes, my ability to communicate the images I desire through my food photography is improving and becoming more accurate. I know that with each challenge and frustration, I’m taking steps toward mastering the art of food photography.

This is my very first blog post featuring chilli oil recipe. Seven years later, I’ve made the same recipe again and you can see the improvement in my food photography in the images below:

chilli source
The first recipe image
how to make Chilli Oil
Seven years later, the same recipe

I am excited to share the lessons I’ve learned throughout my journey. If you are also on a similar path and there is a specific topic you would like me to cover in a future post, please leave your comments below.

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