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Mapo Tofu


This is a typical Chinese Shichuan dish. The rich chili bean sauce works very well with Tofu. It can be a great vegetarian dish if you don’t add the pork mince.

  • Fry the pork mince in oil until it turns light brown (optional)
  • Add one and half tablespoon of chili bean sauce (Lee Kum kee) to the medium heated oil, stir for one minute.
  • add Tofu and one cup of water, cook for 5 minutes. stir gently.
  • resolve one teaspoon of corn flour in two tablespoons of cold water. Pour into the tofu, stir untill it thickens.


  • If you can take spicy, add dry chilies and Shichuan pepper powder to the bean sauce and fry with the oil.

Key ingredient: Lee Kum Kee Chili bean sauce

chilli bean sauce


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